Overview of the Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning

The Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning is a five-year initiative that aims to spark innovation in the use of ICT in secondary education in Africa.  By working with EdTech entrepreneurs and governments, the Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT will support entrepreneurs and scale up technology innovations to improve teaching and learning in secondary education.  

The Centre’s work will the innovative use of technology to close the gap in access to  quality education; build evidence of what works in ICT for education; and create an active network of ICT leaders in secondary education to advance the integration of technology in education policies and practices across Africa.

To accomplish its mission, the Centre is partnering with CMU-Africa, Literate and ESP to support its first EdTech Fellows cohort of 12 EdTech co.  Among the support that the Fellows will received are business and technical support, mentorships, access to shared services, use of office space at the Centre and at CMU-Africa, and learning science training through CMU-Africa.  They will also have access to technical experts from CMU through the office hours scheme that this tool facilitates.

You can find more information about the Centre here

We want a world where young people are included and are thriving and their leadership and contributions matter.
We educate and empower the next generation of African leaders and innovators by delivering a world-class educational experiene.

We define ourselves by our ability to embrace and deploy innovative research technologies and methodologies

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