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Carnegie Mellon University Africa (CMU-Africa) is a partner in the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) Leaders in Teaching initiative(LIT). The goal is to understand how best to harness EdTech systems to vastly improve the quality and relevance of education to create more opportunities in Africa.

MCF has invited 12 entrepreneur teams to develop and validate their education technology over a period of approximately a year. These will primarily be supported by MCF through their regional centers in Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, and Ethiopia. In addition, CMU Africa and other partners will provide administrative, business services and technical support to EdTech entrepreneurs to better facilitate their growth and help them become more successful.

The entrepreneurs will benefit from shared services, mentorship, scheduled office hours with business and technical speciality experts.

Administrative Services: The entrepreneurs will have access to office space, printing stations, kitchen, meeting rooms and internet at the RCIT and CMU Africa in Kigali

Basic IT services: The entrepreneurs will receive the same level of support provided at CMU Africa such as fixing internet access issues.

Learning science and EdTech training: A semester-long course will be offered, and entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to get a deep understanding of learning science and education technology opportunities and challenges through shared technology case studies. This course will also be available as a webinar recording that entrepreneurs can follow according to their working schedules and locations.

Office hours: These include business and technical specialty office hours. Entrepreneurs can schedule office hours with specialty experts to get answers to specific questions. Entrepreneurs will also be provided with mentorship through scheduled office hours and an online platform such as a Zoom or Skype calls. The experts include both the CMU Africa faculty members, RCIT contacts or other people in remote locations such as the Swartz Centre for Entrepreneurship at CMU Pittsburgh.

Shared services: Experts will spend time with entrepreneurs advising them on specific business aspects such as accounting, taxation, legal and human resource functions. Entrepreneurs will be required to schedule office hours with service providers.