How do I know which timezone is being used on the platform?

The platform is automatically set to use your browser data to detect the timezone you belong to.

How to update my schedule as a mentor?

  1. Login as a mentor

2. Click My Schedule

3. From the dashboard, click profile located under BookMe pro

4. Edit your profile by clicking on the pencil icon

5.From the side-panel that opens, navigate to schedule.


  • Each day accepts only one block of hours
  • Each day can accept more than one break.

To set multiple blocks per day, you can make use of the breaks. Let say, you want to work from 8 am to 9 am and from 2 pm to 3 pm on Wednesdays, you would set the Wednesday’s block from 8 am to 3 pm, then add a break from 9 am to 2 pm. check screenshot below.

How do I edit my calendar as a mentor?

  1. Login as a mentor
  2. From the menu bar, click on My Schedule menu item which directs you to a dashboard.
  3. From the dashboard under BOOKME PRO, click on CALENDAR.

3. The calendar opens, navigate to the appointment you would like to edit.

4. After clicking on the appointment, a side-panel that contains details of the appointment opens.

5. Edit the information, then click a tick button located at the top of the side-panel to save changes

How can I change my username or password?

Login, then click on Account menu from the menu bar,

Account page provides the option of changing account details such as Username, First Name, Last Name, and Email. It also provides an option to change your password located on the left navigation pane of the page.

By clicking Change password, you get a screen that requires you to provide your current password, and your new password.

What can I do if I experience an infinite loading when scheduling office hours?

In most cases, this happens when a user clicks on the “Schedule office Hours” button. Whenever this happens, just ignore it and click on any other page. Then check back your appointments page to confirm that the booking has been scheduled. You can also check your email for a new booking email notification.

How can I reach you for help?

You can send an email to or for support.

I’m an EdTech Fellow, do I have to register to book office hours?

Yes, as an EdTech Fellow you will be required to register. The platform administrator will verify your account information and send you an email with a username and password.

How can a mentor integrate Google calendar?

After Logging in as a mentor, click on My Schedule which is the second menu item on the menu bar(as shown below).

From the dashboard, click Profile under Bookme Pro option on the left navigation pane. A table containing your name, email, and phone number will appear in the middle of the page.

Click on the pencil icon located next to your phone number to edit your profile . a tab will open on the right side of page.

Click Connect which is located at the bottom of the side-panel.

Do I have to login to book an appointment?

Yes, you have to be logged in to make an appointment.

How to check for an appointment?

A logged in user navigate to Appointments menu item, and access a table that contains all appointments. The cancel column provides the user an option to cancel an appointment.

How to book office hours?

To book office hours, a user should have an active account that can be obtained by submitting a registration form, for more information check how to register.

An active user logs in and clicks on the book office hours menu item, which directs to the booking page where the user can choose a category, a subcategory,and a mentor from the drop down boxes on the left side of page. as well as a date from the calendar on the right side of the page.

Once the above information is provided, the user can choose a time slot to meet the chosen mentor.

Lastly, the user provides a meeting agenda and schedule office now.

How to register?

To access full functionality of the platform, a user needs to submit a registration request by clicking on the register menu item. After a successful submission, the user waits for 2 days to get the request reviewed and approved.